Crowdsourced Crypto Crime Fighting Community

One of the side projects for humanity that I work on as apprentice to Glyn MacLean brings together and empowers victims of crypto crime through crowdsourced knowledge share.

As a service to the dignity of humanity, when victims first contact us, often distraught, we give them a free platform on which to have an anonymous voice to alert the broader crypto community to what has happened, in order to act quickly and prevent more people from being hurt. A point of difference of our system is that we have a proper social community engine in the website with Google SEO optimisation which enables the victims to state their case and consolidate the experiences of others to validate that fraudulent and criminal activity has occurred. We monitor and moderate this using real-time technologies to make sure that the platform is not used inappropriately.

In addition to providing an interactive, crowdsourced scam watch platform, our experience over the last 5 years supporting victims of crypto crime has led to developing the most relevant and realistic services to support the victims of crypto currency crime to get financial justice. Perhaps one of the saddest things we have come across is that organised crime both creates a fraudulent trading platform and then targets the same victims that they ripped off through the trading platform crime, with fraudulent services for recovery. In addition, there are many CHARGEBACK companies that are misleading their clients to think that you can use the CREDIT CARD INSURANCE SCHEME to recover bitcoin. This is impossible. CHARGEBACK SCHEMES cannot recover cryptocurrency. This is because most of the trading platforms receive trades by cryptocurrency and not by credit card. This is the loophole that catches out most cryptocurrency victims. The same optimism that caught them out in the first place, also catches them out when it comes to thinking they can get their cryptocurrency back through a CHARGEBACK service. This is one of the most harmful things happening in cryptocurrency recovery today.

Getting scammed tears your confidence apart, and the process of getting logical, examining what has happened and using that knowledge to pursue recovery of funds and justice, can help restore confidence by taking action and having support.

Our active community reports on new scams as they happen.

If you think that it's unfair that organised criminals are getting away with stealing money from people, and would like to join this fight, we offer a training course to train up investigators to do paralegal work for recovery, and you can join the team worldwide and graduate through one of our soon-to-be released training courses.

Join our crowdsourced crypto crime fighting community for free at this link:

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